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     Last Movement on Database

     Number of Movements on Database

      Mainland Portugal - North

2016-01-06 23:56:38


      Mainland Portugal - North/Center

2016-12-18 21:11:04


      Mainland Portugal - Center/South

2016-11-06 16:18:46


      Mainland Portugal - South

2009-12-22 03:57:13 1158975                   

      Madeira Islands - Madeira East

2010-05-29 12:06:30 412761                   

      Madeira Islands - Madeira North

2009-01-11 18:19:06 32830                   

 Total number of movements on all databases




Log's are back... the service isn't fully operational but I'll try put things back to normal status as soon as possible, in the mean time this is what we have to offer.

Kind regrads


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All times are Mainland Portugal local time (+0:00 UTC) unless if stated otherwise.

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